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Professional Web Services

For many businesses the web can be a somewhat scary space. The internet moves so quickly, it can often seem impossible to take advantage of what it offers for your organization. That is where I come in. I can ensure that you company is well-represented online using websites that will attract customers. Here are some of the services I can provide.

Website Design

Designing an effective website is more than just "making things pretty." I design websites with a string attention to detail and use color theory, placement, and layout to ensure that your site highlights your business as best it can for most people. And yes it will still be pretty.

Website Development

Once we have a strong design it is time to code it up into a functional website. I use the latest web technologies like HTML 5, Cascading Stylesheets, PHP/mySQL and Javascript to bring your site to life as an accessible, useable and effective website. We can also integrate your site within a Content Management System such as Wordpress to allow you to update your site on your own.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your site up-to-date and relevant is important to keep your users coming back. You have other things to worry about (like running your business!). Let us handle the upkeep on your site. We can provide an affordable maintenance service to ensure that your site is current.

Branding and Logo Design

A strong brand identity and logo are critical to promoting your business. Creating an effective logo takes time and thought to do it right. We can provide you with a strong brand and logo that will set your organization apart.

Internet Strategy Consulting

Often you may not know where to start online. Or maybe a website is not in the budget, but you would still like some advice. It can be very intimidating (not to mention time-consuming) to break into the web on your own while running a business. We can work with you on developing an internet strategy that works to get your business online and noticed.

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